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SNS Awards. IPO Lisboa team wins in the "Humanisation of Care" category

17 October 2023
IPO Lisboa

The Institute's vast team of professionals works every day with commitment and dedication to providing quality healthcare and humanising practices.


A large team of nurses, doctors, technical and operational assistants work daily with commitment and dedication to providing quality healthcare with concern for humanistic practices, bearing in mind that cancer patients and their families go through long and emotionally draining treatment processes here.

In this case, the Medical Oncology II team adapted attitudes and behaviours based on empathy and respect, improving the patient's experience of healthcare services. How? By allowing occasional visits from pets; by not forgetting a cake on a birthday or a touch of affection after a perfume or a trim of the beard during the patient's personal hygiene; by taking a 'fanatical' patient to the stadium, even in a wheelchair... For the dignity and comfort that all patients deserve. These were some of the examples given in the application text sent out to the competition.

Another project making a difference is 'Music in Medicine', which has been running for four years. Every fortnight, patients, their families or professionals can attend musical concerts or poetry sessions set up with music. The aim is to "minimise the impact of negative emotional states, provide moments of well-being, attention and full presence for the participants, as well as strengthening the professional bond between the team and reducing burnout among professionals".

João Graça, Psychiatry Assistant, Pedro Soares, Medical Oncology Nurse, Rita Saúde Conde, Medical Oncology Intern, Ana Rita Silva, Social Worker, with the support of Teresa Larcher, Hospital Administrator, mobilised themselves to, in collaboration with cellist Sandra Martins, promote the humanisation of inpatient care through the programming of artistic activities. A partnership was also formed with Urban Sketchers Portugal "creating memories of the moment experienced through drawings and paintings, always respecting the privacy of the patients".


Health professionals and their teams submitted more than 600 applications for the different categories and it was up to the Jury, made up of specialists of recognised merit and members of civil society, to identify the shortlist of finalist projects/teams in the 17 categories. Throughout last week, health professionals voted for six finalist applications in each category.

More than 11,000 health professionals chose the winners of the "SNS Awards" - prizes launched as part of the 44th anniversary of the SNS.


"Every day there are stories of excellence in our hospitals and health centres and these awards are a way of publicising the best that is being done, from the north to the south of the country, in a wide variety of areas. Basically, we want to recognise all of those who are already taking part today in building the SNS we want tomorrow", explained Fernando Araújo, Executive Director of the SNS.


Source: IPO Lisboa

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